Browse our collection for kids and tweens, select your favorite style, play around with colors and materials and get your name on the shoe.


You place the order easily on our website, your shoes will be handmade in Portugal and we’ll end them directly to you to wear and enjoy.

Step 1: Find din størrelse

Som det første skal du finde din størrelse. Det gør du ved at lave en præcis måling af dit barns fødder. Se vores guide her.

Step 2: Browse the collection

Gå på opdagelse i vores kollektioner, vælg den favirot style og leg med forskellige materialer og farver. Du kan endda få dit navn på skoen.

Step 3: Handmade shoes

Based on your selection we handmade your shoes and each pair will pass through more than 50 steps before they are finally shipped to you.

Step 4: Try and wear

In 10 days your shoes arrive - try, wear and enjoy.

If the fit isn't correct - remember that you always have the opportunity to return the shoes.

Step 5: Return and recycle

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Worry about the size or fit we always offer the opportunity to return the shoes within 15 days of